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General Conditions Rail-Track - Jocazz

Used Equipment

Refers to used equipment put on sale on our site. We ask you to download and fill out the Jocazz form in two copies and to give them to us when depositing your completed material.

Depositing material at Rail-Track imposes Jocazz sales conditions below.

The material is classified from 0 to 5, the 5 being the highest value and represents an object having little or no circulation (example: test and showcase).
The packaging supplied with the material is classified from 0 to 5, the 5 being the highest value and represents an impeccable original packaging without addicted or stain.

The non-profit association Rail-Track puts a location at the disposal of the seller in one of these windows, which in return pays the ASBL Rail-Track a commission of 15% of the price of the sale for expenses.

The owner of the material is free to come to withdraw it if he wishes anytime by means of a request made by mail 5 working days before the removal.
An amount of 10% of the selling price will be asked for costs to the owner of the object (s) removed from the Jocazz sales website.

Once a month the ASBL Rail-Track will pay the owner's account the amount of the sale unless otherwise stated, in which case the latter is obliged to pay by appointment. No money being held in the store.

The ASBL Rail-Track will put on sale on the site Jocazz any articles that it will judge valid for the sale, no complaint will be able to be made by the owner of the said object if this one does not appear on the site.

The ASBL Rail-Track is not held responsible for the malfunction of the object, it must be in working order at the time of delivery to the sale, any repair costs will be borne by the owner seller .

The non-profit association Rail-Track does not give a guarantee on the sale, as it is made between individuals, the non-profit organization acts as intermediary between the seller and the buyer.

Postage according to weight and country zone

The ASBL Rail-Track will be able to withdraw from sale any object that does not comply with these requirements.

New equipment

All orders placed on the site of Jocazz must be paid within 5 working days of the order (s) under pain of this see put back for sale the 'objects reserved. Administrative costs that can be claimed and the bill (s) owed.

In case of purchase of new equipment we can not be held responsible for price changes of manufacturers or suppliers due to production delays or otherwise.

In the event of an order on reservation, a deposit of 30% of the displayed price is requested.

Postage according to weight and country zone

Damage during shipping

The non-profit association Rail-Reack can not be held responsible for any damage caused during transport in any form, any complaint must be sent to the delivery service chosen by Rail-Track.

General provisions

All orders placed on the Jocazz website must be paid within 5 working days of the order, otherwise the reserved object will be sold. Administrative fees that can be claimed.

In any case we can not be held responsible for errors of stock on our online sales site Jocazz.

All orders are firm and final and can not be retracted.

A deposit of 30% is required when ordering new equipment, it will be effective only upon receipt of the deposit on our bank account within 8 days of the order

In case of cancellation of the order the deposit is lost and is not transferable to another object without the written agreement of the non-profit organization,

The deposit is proof of the final booking of the article.

Used equipment is payable without cash.

The equipment purchased and paid in advance can be withdrawn either at Enghien on a day and at an agreed time, or at a scholarship where we are present, see our FB page and website.

Any material that does not comply with receipt must be returned to us by registered post within 7 days with an explanatory note.

Any dispute not settled amicably will be referred to the courts of Mons on which we depend.


There is no guarantee on the used equipment since the sale is made from particular to particular, the used equipment put on sale on our site is tested before sale see the stars and notes on this subject on the ad.

New equipment sold is guaranteed under Belgian law.

Any changes, openings of equipment not made by our service is not guaranteed as well as breakage, loss of accessories, breakage of parts etc.,

Old Jocadis material

We continue the after-sales service of Jocadis equipment.

Rail-Track Team

Download here the form to complete and give us the deposit

Télécharger ici le formulaire à compléter et nous remettre lors du dépôt

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